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H'Claude French Import

H'Claude de la vallée des samouraïs at Keshisuki  CJW'13 came to us from Cedric Revol in France, he is out of Japanese imports  Kaishi Go Shichimen Kensha and  Bisei Go Tamba Oomae. Claude is our first male and first import and we know he has a great future with us. 

Claude is hip scored at 14:9 because his score is over breed mean average he will only be available for stud duties to low scoring approved bitches. Please contact us for further details.

We would like to thank Kevin Carroll of Razmus Akita Inu for handling our boy Claude at the recent St Patrick's  Celtic winners show Ireland. We where delighted when he went on to win Best Junior  in Breed and RCAC this also ment he gain the title of  CJW'13. 

Claudes Show Results

"H'Claude De La Vallee Des Samourais  CJW'13 " (Import France) at just 4 months old wins 1st VP BOB Baby Puppy at both the IKC International & National Show, handled by Kevin Carroll of Razmus Akita Inu.

Claude takes reserve in junior bitch/dog in a strong class at BUBA at only 6 months old. 

Claude at 15 months. 

Pedigree of H'Claude De La Vallée Des Samouraïs
H'Claude De La Vallée Des SamouraïsKaishi Go Shichimen KenshaTetsutarou Go ShiraiKouryuu Go Hanafuji
Awa Aihime Go Musashi Aiwa
Ai Go Yamagata KojimaMoridake Hachiman Go Moridake Sekinodaisou
Koyomi Go Yamagata Kojima
Bisei Go Tamba OomaeDaichi Go HanakawasouMikuni Go Matsusaka Yamanaka
Ichihana Go Hanakawasou
Nagisa Go Tezuka KenshaKoutei Go Tezuka Kensha
Kouran Go Tachibana Genkaisou
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