Keshisuki Akita Inu's

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We have a litter planned for the end of this year, we will be expecting puppies of good type, structure and health in both red and brindle.
Please contact us for more details 

Buying a Puppy

If you feel for whatever reason you can not take on a rescue Dog please insure you go to a reputable breeder to buy your puppy. You must ask the breeder what health checks the dam and sire have had eg hip scoring and eye testing. You must be able to meet the dam and see what her temperament is like and if possible the sire too. Check to see that the puppies are in a clean and healthy environment and have been handled from birth to get them used to socialisation. Puppies should not leave the breeder before 8 weeks of age, a good breeder will ensure the pups leave with their 1st vaccination and wormed. All good breeders offer lifetime support, and if your circumstances change they should help with the re-homing of your dog if not take it back in themselves.

PLEASE AVOID BACKYARD BREEDERS there only interest in the breed is to make as much money as possible from breeding. These so called backyard breeders need to be avoided and put out of business.